Francesco Marigliano

Visual Designer

Naples, Italy

based in Lisbon, Portugal

Frescocan means Francesco Marigliano,

Designer, videomaker, photographer based in Lisbon with a main interest: the curiosity for new creative forms of communication. After several years of study in architecture I decided to dedicate myself professionally to the world of visual design. My job is to transform a simple message into something more, through all possible means, from the architectural project to the video, passing through the illustration. In a world where the strength of a good message conveyed well is increasingly important and central, the key to success is to rely on new points of view. 

That’s why I work in various fields and I use different communication tools that allow me to have an always original and powerful impact.


Co-founder of Studio Fermin

My workflow depends on the project I’m working on, Actually I use:

Autocad/Revit/Rhino/Archicad/Cinema 4d/Keyshot/Vray/Photoshop/Illustrator /After Effects/Premiere/Da Vinci Resolve/Lightroom/Dimension/Grasshopper/Indesign/Wordpress/Wix Editor/Mapbox Studio/Spark AR 

Here you can find my printable cv


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Art Director/Interior Designer/Web Designer/Editorial Designer

 | 2020  current

Interior Designer/Web Designer/Editorial Designer

Pedro Novo Arquitectos | 2019  2020

Design and Digital Visualization of various Atelier’s projects (expositions, pavilion, scenography etc.)

Design and publication of the official Atelier website

Creation of a Newsletter campaign

Design and editing of various books published by Pedro Novo Arquitectos

Interior Designer Sweet Sleep b&b | 2019

Design of a rooftop bar/ new brand identity for the bar

making of video ads for the opening.

VideoMaker MMB Bar | 2019

webserie for the MMB

(collaboration in writing, directing, editing) making of a viral marketing campaign

for the new brand beer “KBIRR”

Interior Designer Sweet Sleep b&b | 2018

Design of a relaxing spa area at the service of the hotel.

Graphic Designer Arredasubito | 2018

Creation of a new brand identity for the opening of a furniture design store

Drafting a marketing strategy for the opening of a furniture design store

Graphic Designer Fabiana Sera | 2018

Making of a brand logo/ identity.

Interior Designer Sweet Sleep b&b | 2018

Design of an open space / terrace for the Sweet Sleep B&B

Creation of three new brands for three spaces of different intended use

Copywriter MEKA | 2018

Writing and editing Web Articles in SEO

Trainee Designer UAP Studio, Naples (Italy)

Student Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” Facolta di Architettura Magistrale 5UE, Naples (Italy)

Barcode City Francesco Marigliano Frescocan