Francesco Marigliano

Visual Designer

Naples, Italy

based in Lisbon, Portugal

Frescocan means Francesco Marigliano,

Designer, videomaker, photographer based in Lisbon with a main interest: the curiosity for new creative forms of communication. After several years of study in architecture I decided to dedicate myself professionally to the world of visual design. My job is to transform a simple message into something more, through all possible means, from the architectural project to the video, passing through the illustration. In a world where the strength of a good message conveyed well is increasingly important and central, the key to success is to rely on new points of view. 

That’s why I work in various fields and I use different communication tools that allow me to have an always original and powerful impact.

Here a selection of my recent works.

Art Director/Interior Designer/Web Designer/Editorial Designer | 2020  current

Interior Designer/Web Designer/Editorial Designer Pedro Novo Arquitectos | 2019 2020

Design and Digital Visualization of various Atelier’s projects (expositions, pavilion, scenography etc.)

Design and publication of the official Atelier website

Creation of a Newsletter campaign

Design and editing of various books published by Pedro Novo Arquitectos

Interior Designer Sweet Sleep b&b | 2019

Design of a rooftop bar/ new brand identity for the bar

making of video ads for the opening.

VideoMaker MMB Bar | 2019

webserie for the MMB

(collaboration in writing, directing, editing) making of a viral marketing campaign

for the new brand beer “KBIRR”

Interior Designer Sweet Sleep b&b | 2018

Design of a relaxing spa area at the service of the hotel.

Graphic Designer Arredasubito | 2018

Creation of a new brand identity for the opening of a furniture design store

Drafting a marketing strategy for the opening of a furniture design store

Graphic Designer Fabiana Sera | 2018

Making of a brand logo/ identity.

Interior Designer Sweet Sleep b&b | 2018

Design of an open space / terrace for the Sweet Sleep B&B

Creation of three new brands for three spaces of different intended use

Copywriter MEKA | 2018

Writing and editing Web Articles in SEO

Trainee Designer UAP Studio, Naples (Italy)

Student Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” Facolta di Architettura Magistrale 5UE, Naples (Italy)